Ramming damage calculator

The following tool will help you to calculate damage you can cause by using ramming skill. The calculator is still in development so it may produce erroneous calculations. Please note that the formula this calculator is based on may not be completely accurate.


Your Hull Durability:

Your Ramming Force:

Your Ship Speed:

Opponents Ramming Damage Reduction:


Ramming damage:

Critical ramming damage:

Please note that this calculator is still in ALPHA version. It may produce inaccurate results.

General formula used in this calculator is as follows:

\(\LARGE Base\ ramming\ damage=\frac{Hull\ durability\ \cdot\ \left(RF\ -\ RDD\ \right)\ \cdot\ \frac{Ship\ speed}{15}}{100}\)


RF – Your ramming force
RDD – Opponents ramming damage reduction