New material exchange calculator

The following tool will help you to calculate the amount of ores and materials required to craft various ingots and cloths.


Bronze Ingot icon Bronze Ingot:
Steel Ingot icon Steel Ingot:
Damascene Steel Ingot icon Damascene Steel Ingot:
Malayan Iron Ingot icon Malayan Iron Ingot:
Japanese Iron Ingot icon Japanese Iron Ingot:
Floral Gilt Steel Ingot icon Floral Gilt Steel Iron Ingot:
Lunar Ingot icon Lunar Ingot:


Fine Copper Ore icon Fine Copper Ore:
Tin Ore icon Tin Ore:
Fine Iron Ore icon Fine Iron Ore:
Tungsten icon Tungsten:
Nickel Ore icon Nickel Ore:
Coal icon Coal:
Charcoal icon Charcoal:
Gold Ingot icon Gold Ingot:

Mine Cave Passport icon 168h mining passports required:
Forestry Centre Passport icon 168h forestry passports required:

Please note that this calculator is still in early ALPHA version. It may produce inaccurate results.